Wednesday, May 30, 2012

COD - 5/30/2012 - Mootup [Language Arts]

Mootup facilitates building 21st Century Skills in a fun, interactive, and easy-to-grade style of writing assignment that directly teaches argumentative and persuasive writing according to Common Core Standards.

Students can learn to think critically using Mootup as they dig deeper into topics while building effective logic and reasoning skills.

In Mootup assignments, students are anonymously paired up, and take turns writing arguments and rebuttals against a classmate, tapping into two of today’s students favorite things: social networking and competition. Consequently, students may have more fun and complain less while doing a writing assignment.

Because of the interactive format of Mootup, assignments can be easier and more interesting to read. As soon as students start submitting arguments, you can begin grading without having to wait for the entire assignment to be complete. Mootup provides participation data that can help educators grade. 

Mootup offers one free assignment following registration. Individual teachers can then obtain continued access for an annual subscription fee. Multi-educator accounts are available to institutions and districts.


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