Thursday, May 3, 2012

COD - 5/3/2012 - SideVibe [Web Tool]

SideVibe enables teachers to create learning activities directly on the screen and overlaying web content.

Student thinking is captured in context providing for more focused, attentive, and productive responses. Teachers can easily gather, view, assess, and respond to all student responses through their secure SideVibe website, providing teachers with faster, more effective methods for online feedback.

The SideVibeStudent Companion is a web gadget that works within the browser and floats over web pages. Vibes are displayed and presented to your students inside the Student Companion. Teachers will build and edit their Topics and web activity Vibes using the Teacher Companion. The companion hovers over top of your current browser widow. Students follow the Vibe instructions and input responses in their companion as they navigate to the related web pages.

The free SideVibe account includes unlimited student accounts as well as an internal message system. An account also includes free upgrades, unlimited Courses, Topics, and Vibes.

Watch a video presentation of SideVibe

SideVibe is cloud-based, runs in most modern browsers, and requires no installation other than the SideVibe browser plugin.


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