Tuesday, May 8, 2012

COD - 5/8/2012 - ReadCube [Research]

ReadCube is a tool designed to help researchers be organized and save time, while discovering more.

Import PDFs in a single step. ReadCube creates your article library instantly with one-click download of related articles from PubMed, Google Scholar™, or publisher web sites. ReadCube will automatically identify the author, title, and journal citation information of every article you download.

All your articles are organized in one place. They’re full-text searchable and can include your own highlights and sticky notes. Go directly to the articles referenced in the paper you are reading with clickable references. Easily view articles that cite the paper you are reading, or articles related to it.

ReadCube automatically recommends relevant articles every day to help you stay on top of the latest research.

Watch a video introduction to ReadCube.

ReadCube is a free public beta app for Mac or Windows.


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