Tuesday, May 1, 2012

COD - 5/1/2012 - National Institute for Early Education Research [Early Education]

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) supports high quality, effective, early childhood education for all young children through its research.

The National Institute for Early Education Research believes such education enhances the physical, cognitive, and social development of young children, and can lead to subsequent success in school and later life.

Among the aims of NIEER's research program are to provide a usable and understandable vision of early education excellence, monitor and assess national and state progress toward early education excellence, and explain the costs, outcomes, and economic benefits of alternative policies.

The NIEER works to:

  • stimulate national and state discussions of early education policy.
  • develop a coherent national research agenda in partnership with other organizations.
  • deliver and publicize vital information about early education.

The National Institute for Early Education Research supplies independent, research-based advice and technical assistance to educators, researchers, policy makers, and journalists.


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