Monday, April 30, 2012

COD - 4/30/2012 - Slatebox [Visualization]

Slatebox is a platform for a new generation of real-time applications that run in your web browser and on your mobile device.

Slatebox is an expressive way for students to engage with content, as well as for teams to collaborate. 

Every Slatebox account includes SlateMind, a simple but powerful mind mapping app for building "slates" that represent mind-maps or concept drawings.

Every app built on the Slatebox platform uses push technology to instantly notify all users of any changes in real-time. Every user sees the same things on their screen.

A free Slatebox account includes SlateMind only for a single user who can have unlimited private and public slates. There are three levels of paid accounts which allow more users and access to other apps.

Watch a video overview of Slatebox

A forthcoming version of Slatebox will be custom tailored for education. You can be part of the pilot program. If you are interested in participating, contact


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