Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flashback Malware Free Web-based Detection Tool [Mac]

If you are one of the many EDge21 readers who uses a Mac, you now have a free web tool from Russian security site Dr. Web to test your computer for the presence of the Flashback malware.

Flashback is a form of malware designed to grab passwords and other information from users through their Web browser and other applications such as Skype. A user typically mistakes it for a legitimate browser plug-in while visiting a malicious Web site. At that point, the software installs code designed to gather personal information and send it back to remote servers. In its most recent incarnations, the software can install itself without user interaction. [from C-net]

The process does require finding your Mac's UUID number using your machine's System Information utility, then copying and pasting it into a Web form, but that's all, and clear instructions are provided.


I found this utility through C-net and so feel reasonably confident about its quality and authenticity. Click here to visit C-net for full information about Flashback and what to do if your machine is compromised.


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