Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LearnZillion Recruiting Talented Math and ELA Teachers

I introduced LearnZillionhere late last month. LearnZillion provides easy access to quality Common Core-aligned video math lessons, assessment items, and progress reporting. Users can get practical teaching resources, create playlists for their classes, track homework, and deliver lessons to their students in a timely manner.


I just learned of the following terrific opportunity for talented EDge21 readers from LearnZillion's administrative assistant Ann Yuan.

LearnZillion pays teachers to create these lessons, and they are currently recruiting teachers for a second content creation cycle, which will take place this summer. It is their hope to create a library of video lessons that will cover the Common Core standards in math and ELA.

You can apply to become part of LearnZillion's Dream Team of Math and Literacy Teachers this summer. LearnZillion is selecting 100-200 teachers to join the Dream Team. They're looking for teachers who want to have a broader impact and who have the talent and enthusiasm to craft dynamite video lessons. Each teacher selected will receive:

  • The technology and software necessary to create video lessons
  • Support and feedback from math and literacy experts and other talented Dream Team members
  • $2000 (US) compensation
  • Recognition on LearnZillion's website

Dream Team members commit to creating 20 video lessons between June and mid-August (with a possible convening event on June 19-21). All video lessons will be featured on the LearnZillion website and linked to professional development platforms in multiple states. All video lessons will be freely available to all teachers and students across the country.

Admissions are rolling. They are currently recruiting for a second admissions cycle, which ends April 29th, and the final cycle ends May 27th.

To apply, click here and complete the application form. You can email LearnZillion's administrative assistant Ann Yuan (annyuan@learnzillion.com) if you have questions about the application.

This looks like a great way to spend your summer, expand your reach, and earn a little cash!


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