Monday, April 23, 2012

COD - 4/23/2012 - Smithsonian WILD! [Biology]


The purpose of Smithsonian WILD! is to highlight the diversity of wildlife that exists in a variety of habitats across the globe as well as to showcase some of the research conducted by the Smithsonian Institution and its collaborators.


The more than 200,000 images highlighted at Smithsonian WILD! demonstrate the range of applications of motion-triggered 'camera traps' and how these cameras give us an opportunity to see an animal world rarely viewed by most people.

You can use the A–Z Index of Animals which is sorted by animal group, scientific, or common name to explore the site; or search by following the trail of animals that interest you.


It is the hope of Smithsonian WILD! that "while you are being entertained by the amazing photographs, you will also learn about the animals, their diverse habitats, and what is being done to conserve them."

Smithsonian WILD! plans to accept photographs from citizen scientists as well as professional researchers in the future.


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