Sunday, April 1, 2012

Read Later: A Mac App for Your Read It Later Services

Read Later gives you Mac OS X access to both your Read It Later and/or Instapaper accounts in a single clean, efficient application with a more Mac-like look and feel.


Read Later enables you to manage your read later service accounts without logging in to them in a browser. Read Later stores articles so they are just one mouse click away. The Read Later design offers you quick navigation through your archives with support for tags in Read It Later and folders in Instapaper. Manage one Read It Later and one Instapaper account at the same time.

Read Later is free to use with a Read It Later account, but to use it with Instapaper requires an Instapaper subscription that costs $1 per month.

Read Later downloads the text content of your saved articles for faster access and/or offline reading. If you archive/unarchive, star/unstar articles or move articles between folders when you are offline, Read Later will save this action and push the changes to the appropriate service the next time you sync.


Customize the look of the Main Window and the Article View for your own reading experience. Shorten links with or send articles to Twitter, Facebook, Pinboard, Delicious, or Evernote.

I have used Read Later with my Read It Later account. Reading my saved articles with Read Later is a far more pleasant experience than using the website. I have not used it with Instapaper.

Read Later is free from the Mac App Store.


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