Wednesday, April 25, 2012

COD - 4/25/2012 - Goalbook [Tools]


Goalbook is an online tool designed to help teams of educators, students, and parents collaborate around personal learning plans by providing a single place where everyone can share information.


Goalbook allows every student to have ownership of their own personal learning plan. Students can develop their own goals, self-track progress, and collaborate with their teachers and parents every step along the way.

Goalbook helps special-needs educators track IEP goals and share progress with the team. Administrators can view reports in real-time to ensure that all students receive appropriate educational benefits.


In a blended learning environment, Goalbook enables educators to set learning goals for students and track progress. Teachers will know what students are working on in lab and can acknowledge accomplishments or review areas of difficulty.


Watch a video overview of Goalbook

Goalbook is collecting goal banks from respected educational organizations and bringing them together into one searchable Universal Goal Bank aligned to the Common Core standards. Teachers will be able to discover, share, and collaborate on IEP goals using this comprehensive collection of IEP goals.


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