Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catch of the Day - TV411 - 8/5/2010

TV411 is a multimedia curriculum for adults who need to strengthen their literacy skills.


The TV411 website offers complementary online, interactive lessons in the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary, math, and learning.

Teaching with TV411 is a resource for teachers and tutors working with adult learners who read at a 4th-8th grade level and who want to improve their basic literacy in reading, writing, and math. TV411 materials spotlight the topics of health and financial literacy.


The TV411 curriculum consists of separate, non-sequential units. You can choose from any of the videos and supporting workbook and web lessons to meet the needs, interests, schedule, and pace of your students.


TV411 is produced by the Adult Literacy Media Alliance and is distributed through Kentucky Educational Television.


Take a video tour of the TV411 website



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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Excellent resource. This is a great way to help adults become functionally literate. I have taught in schools where family members weren't literate and had their child help sort out all of the bills and paperwork that came to the house. This would be so helpful! Even better if the schools kept their doors open so that the adult learners could use school computers.

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