Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catch of the Day - yolink - 10/12/2010

yolink is free software that moves your students from searching to finding. Saving time and improving their research skills.


With yolink, scan web pages and browse e-books quickly. yolink finds and organizes search results, then takes them directly to Google Docs or your favorite social networking site.


yolink Lessons are lesson plans created by a group of education professionals integrating yolink into their own classrooms. These can be applied in any classroom or used as a starting place.



Watch how yolink searchs inside links for key terms and concepts


yolink has gathered resources from Creative Commons and Google. You may share and distribute this content (non-commercially) as long as you give attribution to the original sources.

The available online demonstration incorporates basic yolink functionality, educational use-cases, and an information literacy curriculum overview.

You can download yolink for both Mac and PCs. yolink supports Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. There is also a Chrome extension available.



Mrs. Tenkely said...

I have used yolink myself and really like the way that it organizes information. I didn't end up being able to use it in the classroom since it was a download :(

Anne said...

you can try it with sweet search though...great search engine for students with a yolink integration.

Anne said...

you can use yolink with sweet search though....a great search engine for students with a yolink integration.

Maureen Tumenas said...

I had the IT dept put it on the image for the new computers in the lab at school. If you contact yolink they can help you with whatever you need. Now, all you have to do is talk your IT into doing it.

Good Luck!

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