Monday, September 12, 2011

Catch of The Day - Data Visualization Tools - 9/12/2011

There is no paucity of online tools that can be used to create attractive charts and other kinds of data visualizations. Here are four free, easy-to-use options worth looking at.

Rich Chart Live

Rich Chart Live is a free online web app that can be used to create visually attractive and interactive charts. All you need is an Internet connection and a Flash-enabled web browser in Windows, Mac, or Linux. Data can be imported from a spreadsheet or enter it directly. Charts can be exported as a Flash animation, as a PowerPoint presentation, or embedded directly into your blog or website. Rich Chart Live has no limitations, however a small logo is placed in the bottom-right corner of each generated chart.


OWTChart Generator

The OWTChart Generator at is an on-line tool that can be used to produce a variety of charts. Choose the desired chart type by clicking on a Pie, Line, Simple Bar, or Multi-bar Chart icon, then define the chart's parameters on the subsequent page. A GIF image of the chart type that you specified will be generated and displayed. The chart image can be saved to your desktop and used in other applications.


Use ChartGizmo to create free charts for your website, blog, and social network profiles. ChartGizmo can be used to visualize scientific, social, or other types of data. Create charts from imported spreadsheet data or dynamically collected information. The following types of diagrams are available: Pie, Bar, Line, Ring, 3D Pie, 3D Bar, 3D Line, Candle, Scatterplot, Time Series. All chart settings are customizable, and chart modifications and updates are easy.


Google Chart Tools

Perhaps a bit more sophisticated than the other tools presented here, Google's online chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. A variety of chart types are available, from simple scatter plots to hierarchical treemaps. Configure an extensive set of options to customize the look and feel of your charts. Cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility with HTML5, no plugins needed. Connect to your data dynamically in real time using a variety of data connection tools.

Other similar tools: Hohli Charts | amCharts Visual Editor


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Katie said...

My company uses a Vista Spyder as a visualization tool. It's a video processor that projects our images, such as charts and graphs, onto a LED videowall. Having our work projected onto a large screen and with enhanced details and more it really makes a strong impact when presenting. It is a great asset to our work and an incredible visualization tool.

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