Wednesday, July 11, 2012

COD - 7/11/2012 - Present.Me [Presenting]

Present.Me lets you add video and audio to your presentations in an easy and intuitive way, allowing your audience to see and hear your message in the way you intended. 


Educators can enhance learning with by providing great content as well as a friendly face to go with it. You can use Present.Me for the 'flipped classroom' model to give a recorded lesson which students can then watch at their convenience. 


Simply upload your presentation or document, wait a a short time for it to convert, then click ‘record’. Then present into your webcam, clicking your slides forward as you go. If you make a mistake, you can stop, rewind a bit, then resume recording. You can review what you’ve done when you project is completed. If you’re satisfied, press ‘publish’, if not, click ‘retry’ and have another go.  


A private presentation can't be seen or searched on the site. You can see your private presentations when you log in, and you can share them, using an encrypted URL, to individuals via email, to social networks, or embed them in your blog.  


Students have used for public speaking practice. They can learn a lot about themselves from watching a presentation that they've created, for example, they may realize that they talk very fast or have a nervous habit that is distracting to the audience. 


Present.Me has been built with ease of use in mind. No special software is needed – just your browser. Being online, you can instantly share your presentation with anyone you like, anywhere in the world, anytime.  


Watch a video into to Present.Me 


The Present.Me free plan allows three presentations per month (one private presentation) of up to 15 minutes each. The $9 (USD) Plus plan allows 30 monthly presentations (up to 30 private) of up to 60 minutes each, and additional features. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time. 



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