Monday, July 23, 2012

COD - 7/23/2012 - Phrazzleme [ESL]

Phrazzleme is a game of making logical English phrases or questions for points so that players learn the English language while having fun at the same time. The name of the game, Phrazzleme, is a portmanteau of two words: 'phrase' and 'puzzle'.

The idea of Phrazzleme is to make an English phrase and put it on the board for points. The next player creates another English phrase using an existing word from the last phrase, not unlike Scrabble. The longer the English phrase, the more points the player gets. Immediate rewards encourage the student to want to learn English. 

The rules of Phrazzleme can be modified or simplified by the teacher by simply taking out the harder-to-use words or giving extra points for making questions, for example.

Watch a video introduction to Phrazzleme

Up to seven people of any age can play Phrazzleme, and you can play at a beginners, intermediate, or advanced level. Two hundred pieces with 800 words allow for thousands of possible phrases. Phrazzleme can be purchased for $79.95 (USD).


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