Monday, July 9, 2012

COD - 7/9/2012 - BuzzMath [Math]

BuzzMath is a website that focuses on practicing middle school mathematics skills using high-quality problems with immediate detailed feedback, allowing students to progress at their own pace.

Though BuzzMath is student centered,  it has the flexibility to be used by teachers for introduction or to review topics as a class. Students have access to the Table of Contents and can open any activity of interest, or complete specific activities assigned by their teacher.

Students work in an untimed setting. Completing a set number of activities within a topic unlocks special missions related to math history that challenge students to help mathematicians recover lost knowledge. Students also have access to a BuzzLab that connects the theme of the missions to the storyline and motivates the acquisition of gold stars.

Watch a video tour of BuzzMath

Multiple representations are used for the type of questions and for the systems students use to record their solutions. Students monitor their progress on their individual home page with a system of gold stars. Randomly generated values allow students to retry problems to obtain mastery. Teachers are assisted by detailed results that help them guide and monitor student progress and are able to view details of accuracy, time spent, and completion.

BuzzMath is based on the NCTM curriculum in the NCTM Middle School book and the Common Core State Standards.


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