Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Featured: 6-12-2013 TeachEngineering


TeachEngineering is a digital library of standards-based* engineering curricula for the use of K-12 teachers to make applied science and mathematics interesting and engaging.

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The TeachEngineering collection provides educators with free access to a growing resource of multi-week units, lessons, activities, and living labs. The collection continues to grow and evolve with new additions from universities, and input from teachers who use the curricula in their classrooms.

Click on Search Curriculum or Browse Curriculum to find what you want for your classroom from the more than 900 lessons and activities currently available.

In most cases, TeachEngineering activities use ordinary materials that you can find in your classroom, school, home, grocery store or hardware store.

Obi Wan

Use of curriculum found in the TeachEngineering collection is free to teachers using it in their classrooms. There is no fee or membership requirement (There is an optional MyTE workspace you may use to keep track of favorite lessons and activities, or to submit reviews). No special kits or materials are needed.

TeachEngineering is a collaborative project between faculty, students, and teachers associated with five universities and the American Society for Engineering Education, with NSF National Science Digital Library funding.

*Every lesson and every activity is aligned to the science and math educational standards of the state in which it was first developed and classroom tested. From that information, TeachEngineering provides rough alignment to other state and national educational standards.


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