Thursday, June 6, 2013

Featured: 6-6-2013 FormulaSheet

Formula Sheet

Store all your formulas in one place with FormulaSheet. All your formulas will be accessible from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. 

Formula Sheet 1 

Using FormulaSheet, formulas can be organized into lists, or combined with text and diagrams to create sheets.

With FormulaSheet, you can:

  • Search Wikipedia and/or FormulaSheet for the formulas you need. Instantly get an image or copy the formula to LaTeX or MS Word.
  • Upload your own formula as a LaTeX file. FormulaSheet will find and extract all of your formulas.
  • Create formulas from scratch using an intuitive equation editor. 
  • Share formula lists and sheets with other users.
  • Render your formula, list, or sheet as a pdf document, as a tex file, or as a png image.

Formula Sheet 2

The new Calculator feature lets you solve selected formulas right on FormulaSheet. Enter the variables that you know, and the calculator will solve for the one that you are trying to find. Any constants used by the formula are provided.

 Watch the Formulasheet intro video

FormulaSheet is a free web app, but voluntary donations are welcomed.


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