Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Featured: 7-10-2013 GoClass

The intent of GoClass is to enable teachers to engage students in a 21st century learning environment built on their own teaching experience by enriching rather than replacing existing methodologies.

GoClass is a cloud-based teaching application for tablet devices that seeks to help teachers connect with students in new ways. Lesson plans can be customized and fine-tuned "on the fly," students can be engaged in novel, original ways and their understanding can be continuously evaluated in real-time.

GoClass allows an instructor to build, edit, and manage class sessions. Resources such as text, notes, media, questions, and research tools can be used to build organized lesson plans. Annotate images or draw diagrams, share materials, and ask questions during class. Capture data for formative assessments.

GoClass gives students the opportunity to follow a class at their own pace. Students can study materials shared by the teacher, and use the app to answer in-class questions, and review the complete lesson along with logs of responses after class.


You can access the GoClass web app through a browser using any computer or tablet device. The web app allows a teacher to register as a new user and manage all class work, automatically syncing with the GoClass tablet app. Students can also register on the web app and review class work after a session is completed.



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