Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Featured: 7-2-2013 Engineering is Elementary


Increasing students' interest in and confidence about engineering is the intent of Engineering is Elementary (EiE). The mission of EiE is to foster engineering and technological literacy among elementary-aged children.

Eie 1

Engineering is Elementary's 20 units present fun, engaging engineering challenges that allow students to apply science knowledge. The units are designed to be taught in conjunction with (or soon after) a corresponding science topic. EiE also integrates with literacy, mathematics, and social studies.

Engineering is Elementary works to:

  • Reach children who are underserved or underrepresented in STEM fields.
  • Improve elementary educators’ ability to teach engineering and technology.
  • Increase the number of schools in the U.S. that include engineering at the elementary level.
  • Research teaching and learning at the elementary level.

Eie 2

Each EiE unit can be used in multiple grades because they are designed to be taught in conjunction with a science topic. EiE units include a number of modifications to help differentiate the lessons and activities to be appropriate for a variety of students.

 Watch a video about Engineering is Elementary

Engineering is Elementary units are mapped to national and state science and technology/engineering standards. EiE units do not follow a particular sequence and do not build upon each other so they can be used in any number or order.


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