Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Featured: 7-30-2013 Energy Project Resources

Energy Project Resources

The Energy Project Resources website is a place for teachers to find information about and resources for teaching energy concepts in the classroom.

The Energy Project is committed to helping science teachers support productive learner engagement with energy concepts.

Energy Project Resources 1

Energy Project Resources has developed several representational strategies to make sense of the principle “energy is never created or destroyed.” In everyday scenarios learners can dynamically track the transfers and transformations of energy:

  • In Energy Theater learners use their own bodies to represents units of energy, moving to different regions to indicate energy transfers and using hand gestures to indicate energy transformations.
  • In Energy Cubes learners use their small cubes to represent units of energy, moving them around on whiteboards to show energy transfers and flipping them to indicate energy transformations.

Students can describe and negotiate dynamic energy processes with their peers through the use of both of these representations. Learners are encouraged to explore the consequences of energy conservation, verify matter and energy, consider mechanisms for energy transfer, and draw sophisticated energy tracking diagrams.

Many energy processes that are engaging for learners often involve a series of energy acts. These energy acts are separated by snapshots, specific moments in time at which there is a shift in what the energy is doing. Distinguishing and identifying energy acts can be very helpful to students in articulating a more complete and coherent energy story.

The Energy Project is supported by Seattle Pacific University, Facet Innovations, and the National Science Foundation.


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