Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Featured: 11-26-2013 ThinkWave Educator

Free gradebook
ThinkWave Educator is a free online grade book with a flexible grading engine, powerful reporting, and easy access for students and parents.

Free gradebook 1
Versatile grading options let teachers use an all-points grading system or a flexible grading system that can include points, letter grades, check, check plus, and more. You can also create your own assignment types and use weighting.
ThinkWave Educator generates reports as professionally-formatted, ready-to-print PDF documents. Reports can be designed with an image, header, and multiple other customization options. 
Students can upload their homework files with a simple upload function. Files are immediately available in the grade book, organized by assignment and date. 
An intutive, easy-to-use interface can be learned quickly. ThinkWave Educator allows you to keep multiple classes in a single grade book making it easy to access different classes.
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ThinkWave Educator is completely web based, no software to install. Teachers can access data from anywhere with an Internet connection using any modern web browser.

 Watch a video overview of ThinkWave Educator
ThinkWave Educator is available in a free, ad-supported version, or as a premium version for $49.95 (USD) annually per teacher. 

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