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5 Ways to Teach About Haiti Right Now - Excerpt

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Excerpt from "5 Ways to Teach About Haiti Right Now" By Holly Epstein Ojalvo and Katherine Schulten which appeared on The Learning Network: Teaching and Learning with the New York Times.

"Yesterday we
posted past Learning Network lesson plans that can be adapted for teaching about Haiti, along with links to New York Times resources.

Today we add five easy ways to use The Times to teach about what’s happening as the story continues to unfold:

1. Respond to Photos – Use the interactive features “A Closer Look at the Destruction in Haiti,” the slide show “Devastating Earthquake Hits Haiti”and/or the Lens blog photo feature “Behind the Scenes: There for the Quake.”Then have students respond in writing to the image of their choice, in the form of detailed descriptions, questions or letters to the people pictured. (Here are more ways to have students write about photos.)

Journalism students might consider the challenges that photojournalists are facing in trying to capture what has happened in Haiti.

2. Understand the Earthquake’s Effects – Students look into how and why Haiti was hit so hard by the earthquake. You might do this by using the interactive map with photos and audio,“After the Haiti Quake,” to see where the devastation in Port-au-Prince is concentrated, ..."

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OJALVO, HOLLY EPSTEIN and SCHULTEN, KATHERINE. "5 Ways to Teach About Haiti Right Now." The Learning Network: Teaching and Learning with the New York Times. 14 January 2010. Web. 16 January 2010. <>

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