Friday, January 29, 2010

Catch of the Day - ZuiTube - 29 Jan 10

ZuiTube, videos for kids, is our plum catch today

ZuiTube was created for kids, so they can enjoy themselves without mom and dad needing to worry. ZuiTube gives kids access to fun, exciting, entertaining, and educational videos in a safe place.

ZuiTube Home Page

ZuiTube provides a number of features to make browsing easy for kids. For example, the presentation of content is graphical for kids who are just learning to read, and whenever a child is watching a video, ZuiTube suggests other content .

Channels Page

As kids learn how to navigate the web and find information on their own, learning to search is essential. ZuiTube Search is tailored to the needs of kids, providing suggestions and spelling correction, search results with content relevant to kids, and a graphical presentation that is easy for kids to understand.

Video Search Results

In ZuiTube, kids can rate videos with twenty-five unique emotion tags to express their opinion. These tags help kids find new videos by tagged emotions. Kids can browse videos by cute, awesome, weird and much more.

Tags Page

ZuiTube is brought to you by KidZui, an Internet browser for kids with over 2 million games, websites and videos.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for a fantastic write up of this site. I hadn't heard of it before but it will be perfect for my Grade Two students.
I know this will be a favourite site for my students to use in free time and I will be able to find lots of great clips to use in lesson introductions and discussion starters etc.
Kathleen McGeady

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I really like how easy Zui Tube is to navigate for kids, it is well organized and simple enough for even kindergarten students to use independently.

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