Monday, January 11, 2010

Catch of the Day - The Digital Research Tools (DiRT) Wiki - 11 Jan 10

The Digital Research Tools (DiRT) Wiki is today's interesting catch

DiRT brings together reviews of software that can help researchers, whether they are professors, students, teachers, librarians or others, do their work better. DiRT serves as a central resource for information about tools useful to scholarship.

DiRT Home Page

Reviews are clear and straightforward. Tools are categorized so that researchers can identify relevant and useful ones more easily. Software reviewed includes tools to …
  • help you manage and share bookmarks
  • create bibliographies
  • analyze and visualize texts
  • brainstorm, collaborate
  • collect data
  • and much more

Editor's Picks Page

Sections in DiRT are assigned an editor who is responsible for adding links to and reviews of tools and ensuring the quality of content in that category. The DiRT team currently includes academic librarians with expertise in the humanities, science, and business and they welcome new contributors.

DiRT Two-Minute Tour

DiRT generally prefers tools that are free and/or open source, but they also cover some commercial software. Visit The Dirt on DiRT blog.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Great catch! I haven't seen this one before, what a helpful resource for educators and librarians (I just forwarded it on to our librarian/media specialist). Thanks for sharing!

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