Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catch of the Day - - 20 Jan 10, a new podcasting service, is today's very fresh catch is a website for kids to publish their own podcasts so that other kids can listen to them. provides kid-safe podcasts for young minds to hear. Home Page wants parents and teachers to know it's a safe place for their kids to spend time creating their podcasts and to have them posted. They take many precautions to make this a safe place for kids' material to be posted and heard.

Podcast Page

Each podcast is reviewed before posting to try to determine it's age-group appropriateness. One of the things uses to help you determine if a podcast is right for your students or child is the implementation of their own podcast rating system that's similar to the ESRB ratings found on video gaming systems. By using this Podcast Rating System it's easier to identify who can safely listen to a particular podcast ...
  • E - Everyone
  • E10+ - Everyone 10 and Over
  • T - Teens (age 13 minimum)
  • T16+ - Teens 16 and Over is dedicated to helping kids get their message out to the world. Contributions are by kids themselves, allowing kids to listen to their peers on subjects they care about. Visit the blog.


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