Friday, January 22, 2010

Catch of the Day - Yodio - 22 Jan 10

Yodio, a rich-media tool, is today's tasty catch

Yodio is a place for anyone to create and share their own personal broadcast messages. Use Yodio to add narration to photos or presentations, then share these narrated photo stories with others.

Yodio Home Page

Upload photos to Yodio, call from your phone to record the narrative, then share via email, link, or embed your Yodio story in web sites, blogs, etc.

Yodio Editor

Yodio has created a new form of rich media where you can synchronize voice commentaries with digital photos to create easily shared, voice-narrated, photo presentations. Yodio combines sight and sound into a unique form of broadcasting.

Sample Yodio I Made

Using Yodio, you can call on a phone to record or upload an existing recording. Upload one or more photos to your Yodio account. In your account you can create your own rich-media broadcast by simply dragging-and-dropping the audio tracks and the photos. Then publish it with helpful information and tags, and share it via e-mail, links, embedded player, etc.

Yodio Sharing

Yodio offers an integrated, one-stop digital publishing service where anyone can go to record, produce, and share audio recordings and personal broadcasts.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Neat! I hadn't seen this tool yet. I love that you can record via phone. This is still the easiest technology to come by in our classrooms. Often the comptuers are being used or are without microphones for recording. The phone record is brilliant! I had used Gabcast and Gcast for this in the past, happy to have another option to add to my list.

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