Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catch of the Day - Drop.io Voice - 19 Jan 10

Today's catch is drop.io Voice, a voice recording tool

Drop.io Voice lets students and teachers create simple online podcasts directly from any phone.

First, you will need to create a drop at the drop.io home page.

Each drop has a phone number and custom extension (just like each has an email address). Dial the number, wait for the prompt, enter the extension and start talking. Whatever you say, drop.io Voice will convert to an MP3 and put on your drop in a matter of just a short time. Then it can be listened to on the drop, or sent out via email, RSS, MMS, or basically anything else you want.

Click here to listen to a short recording I made using drop.io Voice.

Try it yourself. Call 646-495-9241 x 45069 and record a message.

The amount of talk time is limited by the size of the drop. The size of a free drop is 100 Mb which is about 400 minutes of talk. You can determine security levels when you create the drop.

Drop.io Voice
numbers are in the 646 (NYC) area code, so depending on your phone plan, calling drop.io Voice may cost money. If that's an issue, you can call using Skype, Google Voice or a similar service.

Using drop.io Voice, a drop can be the world’s simplest podcast system, a private class audio-blog, a way to record a speech or lecture for future review, use, sharing, and more.


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