Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catch of the Day - BrainHoney - 14 Jan 10

BrainHoney, a curriculum management tool, is today's catch

BrainHoney is a free teaching, learning, and grading system designed around state standards.

BrainHoney Home Page

With BrainHoney, create a curriculum map in minutes by dragging and dropping state standards onto a schedule that can be shared with colleagues. Use the same system to track student progress by grades or objective mastery or both.

Introduction Video: Confidence in Your Curriculum

BrainHoney lets you know which standards are met and which ones need attention. Focus on students who most need your help, when they need it. Because everything is aligned to state standards, you can create differentiated courses for each student using the built-in pre-test and remediation. BrainHoney provides students with links to relevant content when they need additional work on a particular topic.

Introduction Video: Knowledge of Each Student

BrainHoney can help you be a more effective teacher because it helps you prioritize your time and helps you be more organized. BrainHoney is free for students, parents and teachers.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

Brain Honey is pretty amazing for a free tool. Have you used it in your school? I have yet to use it myself, but have it bookmarked to explore more.

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