Tuesday, June 12, 2012

COD - 6/12/2012 - Bridging World History [History]

Annenberg Learner's Bridging World History is a set of multimedia materials designed to help learners discover world history.

Inquiry-based, integrated, and interactive, Bridging World History uses video, text, and web materials to provide a total learning experience. The materials provide a complete world history course. Bridging World History enhances critical thinking skills while providing a source for historical and cultural contexts of world history through the use of primary source materials.

Bridging World History aspires to help learners:

  • Develop a dynamic conceptual framework for the study of world history, its theory, and its practices.
  • Establish a grasp of the peoples and cultures that comprise world history in the context of time and place.
  • Make insights into thematic relationships that shape our understanding of world history.
  • Bridge the gaps between what learners comfortably know and what they need to comprehend.

Bridging World History includes 26 complete units. Each unit consists of a 30-minute video and an online text chapter. The chapters include journal articles and other readings, an overview of the unit, and a course guide chapter that provides a structure for course sessions, learning activities, and homework assignments.

The organization of Bridging World History acknowledges both thematic and chronological approaches to the study of world history by following a loosely chronological order, while developing a series of themes that are woven throughout the units.

The World History Traveler is a thematically-organized interactive that helps you learn more about the patterns and processes that make up world history. Follow Thematic Pathways to explore a particular topic, or use the Bridges to make connections across time and space.

Bridging World History is intended for a broad audience, including introductory material suitable for AP study or beginning college students, while also including a depth and breadth of content appropriate to any adult learner.


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