Monday, June 4, 2012

COD - 6/4/2012 - italki [Languages]

Just in time for summer travel, EDge21's Catch of the Day will this week feature a number of online resources to support foreign language learning.

italki is an online tool for foreign language learning, linking people from everywhere in the world in a community to learn from each other.

italki helps people who want to learn a language connect online and do free language exchanges. italki also helps students find teachers for paid online lessons. Additionally, italki offers many free language learning features, such as questions and answers, group discussions, and multimedia materials for self-study.

italki's features include:

  • Connecting native speakers to practice speaking a foreign language
  • Helping language teachers offer their expertise to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Offering multimedia and one-on-one lessons for English 
  • Giving language learners the ability to communicate online in text, voice, and video
  • Using the community to answer language questions
  • Developing a platform for sharing free open-source language learning materials
  • Recommending other resources on the web
  • Providing a space for people from around the world to experience and learn about other cultures

The creation of italki was rooted in the belief that the internet is radically changing the way people learn foreign languages by removing previous barriers to learning so that everyone can have access to language partners, teachers, and materials.

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