Thursday, June 14, 2012

COD - 6/14/2012 - Teacher's Wire [Tools]

Teacher's Wire is an application for iOS devices that allows teachers to visually document student learning and report to parents via email.

Use Teacher's Wire to take photos of your students in action or of your students’ work, attach a previously entered learning standard, and then email the information to the children's parents. It makes the reporting process more efficient for teachers and provides parents with up-to-date information regarding their child’s progress.

The developer of Teacher's Wire is a primary school teacher who has a particular interest in how technology is utilized in the classroom by both student and teacher, believing that technology used effectively can be a valuable tool to assist in the teaching and learning process.

Watch a video demo of Teacher's Wire

Teacher's Wire is available from the iTunes App Store for $4.49 (US).It has been featured in the Top 100 Educational Apps- Australian iTunes Store.


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