Friday, June 1, 2012

Inkling for Web Launches

Inkling, first mentioned here in the fall of 2010, offers digital textbooks for the iPad that are interactive, flexible, and less costly than traditional paper textbooks.

Now, with the launch earlier this week of Inkling for Web, anyone can use, read, and explore Inkling content from any modern web browser. This new HTML5-based web client brings all of the interactive features from the iPad app to your computer desktop. 

Inkling for Web is a forward step for digital publishing with features such as:

  • A wide viewing window
  • Easily shared snippets of Inkling content
  • A redesigned assessment experience
  • High resolution imagery for even better zooming 

As of now, all current titles and chapters you already own on Inkling are available to you on the web. Everything syncs among devices, so notes you make on the web show up on your iPad. 

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