Monday, September 30, 2013

EDge21 Favorite: Flipgrid

Flipgrid 1

Using Flipgrid, teachers create grids of short, discussion-style questions that students respond to through recorded videos.


Begin by creating grids and adding questions. A Flipgrid account lets you can create up to four grids free. Grids can be classes, sections, groups of students, or any collection of users interested in a common set of questions. A grid can contain an unlimited number of questions, and each question can accommodate an unlimited number of responses. Questions are short, text-based prompts that can include links to websites or documents.

Students respond with video of their own. Students can receive email updates when new questions are added to grids they follow. You can easily email a link to a grid or an individual question. Students respond by snapping a thumbnail photo with their webcam, recording their video response as many times as they need, and submitting their video.

Flipgrid 2

There are several ways students can connect with their personal videos and those of their peers: by likes and direct links, as well as Twitter, Blog, and Facebook integration. Teachers control whether videos can be shared outside ofFlipgrid.

 Watch a video demo of Flipgrid

Flipgrid uses a streamlined single-page administration tool for teachers to create, manage, and share grids with students and colleagues.


First posted 6-13-2013

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