Monday, September 9, 2013

Featured: 9-9-2013 Kids for Saving Earth

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Kids for Saving Earth provides educational materials, posters, and a highly acclaimed website featuring environmental education curriculum and activities.


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The goal of Kids for Saving Earth is to "educate, inspire, and empower children to protect the Earth's environment."


Kids for Saving Earth has made many of its programs web-friendly so as to make it easier for Earth-savers to get the latest information.


A few examples of environmental programs KSE offers include:

  • Let the Forest Be With You
  • The Arctic is Cool
  • The KSE Rainforest
  • The Rock the World Concert Kit and CD
  • The KSE Action Guide
  • The Little Kids Guide for Teachers
  • and much more

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Kids for Saving Earth was started by a Minnesota boy, Clinton Hill, who died tragically at the age of 11. After Clint died, his parents carried on his dream of a healthy planet by establishing KSE as a nonprofit organization. There are now hundreds of thousands of kids and adults all over the planet working to protect the Earth.


 See a video introduction to Kids for Saving Earth


With a free membership to Kids for Saving Earth, you receive an educational packet, or you can join as a paid member and receive The KSE Action Guide or Little Kids Guide for Teachers and receive KSE Promise certificates.



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