Monday, March 17, 2014

Featured 3-17-2014: Oppia


Students can learn by doing using the interactive online activities that can be created with Oppia  It allows students to engage more deeply with activities in a way that videos or books often do not permit.

Oppia 1
Oppia uses interaction dialogues to facilitate the way that a student has and a teacher work together. In an interaction dialogue, a teacher asks a student a question, and the student then reacts. The teacher responds in a way that is helpful to the student. Unfortunately, the teacher will sometimes not have time to address every individual issue or to work out an appropriate response. In many cases another teacher in a different school has been faced with the same question. Teachers using Oppia to record such interactions can share their knowledge with more students without duplicating effort.
Oppia explorations are the main units of learning. These multi-stage interactive activities are meant to engage readers in a learning conversation and provide formative feedback.
Any user of Oppia can play through, browse, and search for any public explorations. To create or edit explorations, a user will need to be logged-in and author his/her work under a username. All explorations are initially private, meaning they can only be viewed by the exploration's editors, invited playtesters, and site administrators. 
Responses submitted to explorations are stored anonymously. These responses are shown to exploration's creators and editors, in order that the explorations can be improved over time. When an exploration has developed to the level of being appropriate for general use, it may be published.
Oppia 2
Writing, editing, or learning from explorations on Oppia is completely free, no trial periods, no freemium plans, no advertisements. Additionally, all lessons on are licensed Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, which means that you are allowed to copy, modify, and reuse lesson content.

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Much of the code that powers this site was written as an open-source project by a group of Google engineers in their '20% time.' However, Oppia is not a Google product, and Google bears no responsibility for the content of this website.

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