Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured 3-26-2014: The Inquiry Project

The Inquiry Project

The Inquiry Project aims to build an understanding of science in students ages 8-10 that lays a foundation for later understanding of matter in terms of molecules and atoms.

The Inquiry Project 1
The Inquiry Project is centered on material, weight, volume, density, and related ideas that are important and challenging for students. Elements of this work are the integration of mathematics and the focus on investigative inquiry.
Research, curriculum, assessment, and professional development are blended in one coherent system, each component being essential to developing an understanding of how to best prepare learners.
Core Science Concepts
The basis of The Inquiry Project lies in three content-specific dimensions of inquiry: measurement of matter, change and conservation, and scale. It has been designed to feature the following fundamentals of scientific inquiry:
  • Questions
  • Evidence
  • Explanations
  • Knowledge
  • Communication
 Watch an intro to Talk Science Pathways
The Inquiry Project is a partnership between teachers, TERC, and Tufts University funded by the National Science Foundation.

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