Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Featured 3-4-2014: Historical Thinking Matters

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Focused on key topics in US history, Historical Thinking Matters is a website  designed to help students learn how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.

Historical Thinking Matters supplies high school students with a framework for reading documents as historians read them. By developing these habits of mind, students will be able to critically examine historical sources and make reasoned conclusions about the past. Additionally, students can become critical users of the immense quantity  of historical content on the web.
Historical Thinking Matters introduces the site’s approach by exploring conflicting first-hand accounts of the 1775 Lexington Green skirmish.
Student Investigations focuses on five topics from the post-Civil War US history curriculum. Each investigation includes:
  • An introductory movie framing a question of historical debate;
  • Ten historical sources;
  • Guided questioning that fosters historical thinking skills such as sourcing, contextualization, close reading, and corroboration;
  • Text annotations and audio and video clips that provide additional commentary;
  • An assignment that asks students to respond to the investigative question by drawing on their previous engagement with the sources;
  • Directed explorations of virtual archives.
Teacher Materials offers educators classroom materials and strategies, examples of student and teacher work, and supplementary resources.
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 Visit the Historical Thinking Matters YouTube channel
If you are a teacher educator, HTM for Teacher Educators offers resources on teaching historical thinking skills and on common mistakes new teachers make.

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