Monday, March 10, 2014

Featured 3-10-2014: Nepris

About Nepris

Nepris makes it possible for teachers and students to easily connect with the right industry experts, learn from them, and bring the real world to the classroom.

The vision of Nepris is to provide more opportunities for the average student to be inspired to choose STEM subjects and careers. With the support of industry leaders and professionals and by using technology solutions, they hope to bridge the gap between industry and schools.
Choose a curriculum topic or student project then let Nepris find the right industry expert to show how that topic is applied in practice, to provide guidance to students with their projects, and to assess final student products. Students can submit questions and take part in discussions. Each session is recorded and can be reused.
Nepris 1

Through exposure to tech professionals and their related job skills, students can connect what they learn in the classroom to real people and real careers on a regular basis.
Sign up at Nepris for free as an educator or an industry expert.

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