Friday, May 9, 2014

Extra 5-9-2014: Bing Classroom


Bing in the Classroom gives US K-12 schools the choice of ad-free search, so students have a safer, more private online environment.

When a district signs up for Bing in the Classroom:

  • All the ads are removed from search results.
  • SafeSearch with strict filtering to help keep out adult content is turned on.
  • Enhanced privacy settings prevent use of search data for personalized ad profiles.

Bing Schools

When a district signs up for Bing in the Classroom, Microsoft agrees to a publically available Terms of Service that lists in detail exactly how the program works and their commitment to students.

 Watch Bing in the Classroom Now Available to All Schools in the US

Your district must be registered by a district-level administrator for ad-free search to receive Bing in the Classroom.


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