Thursday, May 22, 2014

Featured 5-22-2014: The Math Open Reference Project

Open Reference Project
The Math Open Reference Project is free, interactive math textbook on the web covering high-school geometry.
The Math Open Reference Project has the goal of providing high-quality digital content free of charge to the end user, while providing numerous benefits over paper textbooks:
  • Accessible anywhere, any time.
  • Interactive, interesting experience.
  • Hyperlinks promote exploration and easy lookup.
  • Use the search to look up a word or term.
  • Interactive quizzes with instant feedback.
  • Lower cost.
  • Less weight.
Using interactive tools and compelling animations, The Math Open Reference Project provides an engaging way to learn and explore the subject. A vast library of virtual manipulatives can be used to demonstrate concepts using a computer, projector, and whiteboard. Students can use the same manipulatives themselves outside the classroom.
Table of Contents
The Math Open Reference Project meets the NCTM standards for content and is aligned with the Common Core standards, but also has the potential to adapt to and comply with the standards for every state.
The Math Open Reference Project will work with most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The interactive illustrations use Java and/or Flash, so these plug-ins must be installed on the user's computer.
The copyright and license agreement permit any printing for non-commercial use, useful for class handouts.

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