Thursday, May 29, 2014

Featured 5-29-2014: Writing@CSU

Writing@CSU is an open-access website supported by Colorado State University to provide resources to writers and teachers.

Writing@CSU provides access to the largest collection of web-based resources for writers and writing teachers. These materials, from more than 300 contributors, support instruction in a wide range of writing processes and genres.
The Writing@CSU website and the larger Writing Studio Project are designed to help writers by supplying an interactive, online space that simulates a well-run workshop featuring:
  • Timely advice from teachers
  • Feedback from other writers
  • Helpful examples and demonstrations
  • Access to tools that can help you write effectively
The Studio supports writing classes with a course management system that includes most of the tools found in commercial systems, as well as wikis, ePortfolios, blogs, and other tools that support the learning and teaching of writing.
Writing Tools
The blogs, wikis, and ePortfolio tools can be used within courses or on their own. Depending on your preferences, your work can be completely private, shared with selected people, or open to the public.
Writing@CSU accounts are free and give you a personal online space where you can compose and save your work.

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