Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catch of the Day - Tech4Learning - 1/26/2011

Tech4Learning is an educational technology company innovating and marketing professional development programs and creativity products for K-12 education.


Since 1999, Tech4Learning has been developing award-winning software tools to support effective use of educational technology and help build 21st century skills. Through strategies like project–based learning and differentiated instruction, Tech4Learning hopes to improve classroom technology so that students are actively and creatively engaged in the learning process, and will be prepared to use their skills and knowledge in the real world.


Among the 21st-century skills that Tech4Learning tools are designed to develop are Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Communication and Collaboration.


Tech4Learning software tools:

  • Frames - animation and digital storytelling software
  • ImageBlender - powerful photo editing software designed for education
  • Pixie - a paint program with text options, clip art, voice recording
  • Share - create interactive presentations, PDF and Flash® files, and web sites
  • Twist - easily create vector graphic images and text that scales without losing resolution
  • Wixie - online authoring tool students can use to construct knowledge and communicate ideas
  • Recipes4Success - set of online resources designed to help infuse technology into your curriculum (go to a previous post)


Tech4Learning software tools provide a platform students can use to share knowledge and understanding, communicate original ideas and solutions, and share their interests globally.


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