Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ShowDocument Professional

In May 2009, I posted about ShowDocument, an instant live online cross-platform collaboration tool used to quickly share documents with friends and coworkers. It allows simultaneous viewing of almost any common document type.


ShowDocument has just announced a professional version. ShowDocument Professional adds two major new capabilities.

Conduct video conferences

This new feature allows you to see the faces of your colleagues, students, or tutors via ShowDocument. Using the new video conferencing feature requires no special software meaning you and the people with whom you collaborate can hold video conferences quickly and easily.

Record, access, and view ShowDocument collaboration sessions

All ShowDocument sessions will be recorded and stored in a secure location that only you can access. You can also share a link to the session with your collaboration partners so that they, too, can access and view your sessions.



Go to my earlier post on ShowDocument

ShowDocument Professional is now available to all existing ShowDocument users free of charge for a limited time.


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