Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catch of the Day - Wikicards - 1/13/2011

Wikicards is a free tool from Finland that helps you organize any kind of data. A Wikicards project can be a set of contacts, documents, tasks, todos, photos, and more.


With Wikicards you first create a set of cards. A card is one piece of data. Initially it contains only a title and a description. Later you can attach a document, an image, or a comment to it. Users can add custom fields to each card. Once you have created a set of cards, they can be organized in groups and tagged. Archive cards no longer needed.


You can access Wikicards projects with an Internet-capable mobile phone by registering first. Then you can access your project data at a mobile-friendly site. Currently it's read-only, but they expect to add write functionality soon.

Data from selected cards can be exported into Excel spreadsheets. Edit multiple cards simultaneously.


WikiCards doesn't require you to register or sign up to use it. You can invite other registered users to share your data collections.

At this time Wikispaces supports Chrome 5 through 7, Firefox 3.6 and 4 beta, Opera 10.6+, and Safari 5+.


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