Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creately Online Diagramming Launches Desktop Beta

Creately is a popular online, easy-to-use, high value diagramming tool focused on making it easier for teams to work collaboratively on all things visual.


Earlier this week Creately launched their new Desktop Beta. If you like the online experience of Creately, you may want to give the Desktop version a try.

Creately Desktop Beta features:

  • With Creately Desktop, you get online functionality rolled into your desktop app.
  • Diagrams created online or using the desktop app can be synced across all collaborators and user accounts.
  • You get to share your diagrams with your team and work on them offline.
  • You can still access the hundreds of Smart Objects, the versatile templates, and continue to draw diagrams easily, even faster on your desktop.


If you try Creately Desktop Beta now, you'll get a discount on the official version when it is released. Creately Desktop Beta will stop working and you'll need to upgrade to the release version. But, if you choose not to upgrade to a full desktop license, your diagrams will still be available on

Creately Desktop runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers with Adobe Air installed.


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