Thursday, January 13, 2011

LearnBoost Adds Reporting Features

Previously, I posted a number of time about LearnBoost, a site that enables teachers to manage their classroom with a free gradebook and software to create and manage lesson plans, track attendance, maintain schedules, integrate calendars, tag Common Core State Standards, and more. LearnBoost just announced a new feature that enables users to view data and reports for their students.


The new LearnBoost reporting page pulls in all your classroom data and presents it in an attractive and functional format. Inside of each classroom there is a tab called Reporting. By setting date ranges you can generate term and semester views.

The classroom view displays three data reports: Grades, Attendance and Assignments. Clicking on an assignment data point will display the date, min, max, average, and state standards.

Student Reporting provides teachers a view of their individual students. Look at their grades and attendance data both graphically and in table format. You can print any student report to share with parents, students, or other.


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