Friday, February 19, 2010

Catch of the Day - ReadPal - 19 Feb 10

Today I reeled in ReadPal, a tool to make reading easier

ReadPal will take the text from your Outlook, Microsoft Word, Notepad, or Internet Explorer document and display it to you in a customizable format that is both easier and faster to read.

ReadPal Home Page

At the click of a button, ReadPal will extract the text from a document and display it to you in any of three customizable formats that are both easier and faster to read.

ReadPal has three reading modes…
  • Banner Reader - text comes to your eyes so they do not have to waste time finding the next word and refocusing.
  • Sentence Reader - only one sentence is displayed at a time so the text can be very large and clear
  • Column Reader - rearranges the text into newspaper-like columns for comfortable reading

Full Screen View can be used for any of the reading modes. It presents just the text you are currently reading on a black background.

ReadPal offers AutoSkim technology to remove less important words so you can skim through documents more quickly. AutoSkim is perfect for previewing and reviewing material. With this patented technology you can choose to remove 10% to 50% of the words in a document.

ReadPal is free for personal use. A business license is available for $39.


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Mrs. Tenkely said...

This is great for students who struggle with reading. The sentence by sentence option would be perfect for several of my struggling readers. Thank you!

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