Wednesday, August 15, 2012

COD - 8/15/2012 - Old Maps Online [Social Studies]

Old Maps Online is a user-friendly gateway to historical maps in libraries around the world. Old Maps Online is for anyone interested in old maps and what they can tell us about the past.

Old Maps Online aggregates information about digital map images from different libraries and host institutions in a universal search interface. You won’t need to know where a map is held to be able to locate it. Find maps held by different institutions showing the same geographical area so you can better decide which is most relevant to your needs.

Search Old Maps Online by typing a place-name or by clicking in the map window, and narrow the results by date. The search results provide a direct link to the map image on the host institution's website.

Old Maps Online is a free, open-access search portal with no need for downloading, registering, or subscribing.

OldMapsOnline is a collaboration between The Great Britain Historical GIS Project and Klokan Technologies GmbH, Switzerland. It succeeds a project lead by the Moravian Library in the Czech Republic between 2008-11. The portal is based on the MapRank Search technology originally developed for the Kartenportal project in Switzerland. 


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