Wednesday, August 22, 2012

COD - 8/22/2012 - [Tools] benefits teachers, students, writers, bloggers, and anyone else interested in protecting their writing., the product of two Ukrainian computer scientists, guarantees that anything you write can be thoroughly checked by their plagiarism software to ensure that your texts are unique.

The process of checking your work for plagiarism is accomplished in three simple steps:

  1. You upload your paper or enter the content in the text box.
  2. scans it for plagiarism by checking all internet pages and their own database of more than 20 million academic works.
  3. You will then receive the plagiarism report containing information about sections of the text that need to be cited and a list of sources.

Students can also benefit from by having their essays or research papers checked for any plagiarism that may have been committed in their work. Even if you commit plagiarism unintentionally, it is still viewed as plagiarism. supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Romanian.


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